Review the performance of sports sponsorship assets, optimize strategies, and maximize returns with our rapid-fire measurement and valuation services.

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Rapid and reliable sports sponsorship measurement

Sport moves fast, so sports sponsorship needs to move fast too. datapowa TRACK is an asset measurement product that allows you to monitor the visibility and value of any sponsorship asset in any sport across live broadcast, highlights packages, streaming services and social media, and act upon the results quickly.

As well as tracking current activations, we also provide valuations for prospective partnerships and, through our whitespace analysis service, help sports properties and brands understand the potential exposure and value of areas that are going unused.

Get more from sports sponsorship

datapowa TRACK allows rights owners to demonstrate greater value to sponsors and brands gain a clearer understanding of ROI.

Exposure Tracking

Understand the visibility and expected media value (xMV) of commercial assets across broadcast, streaming and social.


Shape new deals or contract renewals with valuations for stadium naming rights, in-venue advertising or on-uniform assets.

Whitespace Analysis

Unlock new revenue streams by monetizing currently-untapped areas of high exposure within your venue or on your players' uniforms.

Proof of Performance

Demonstrate when, where and for how long commercial assets are visible on-screen with easy-to-digest proof of performance reporting.

Taking sponsorship
tracking to the next level

Sponsorship activation has changed. Logos and brand names alone aren’t enough to grab viewers’ attention anymore; instead, brands are increasingly using elaborate messaging that can engage, entertain and inspire people to action. 

Tracking needs to keep pace, and that’s why datapowa TRACK uses optical character recognition (OCR), as well as traditional logo detection, when measuring brand exposures. 

OCR identifies an image of text and translates it into machine-readable format, enabling us to provide a more complete and accurate picture of brand exposure and the value generated by it.

Transforming sponsorship in

Australian rugby union

Rugby Union is one of three Winter Sport codes in Australia, and competition for fan attention and sponsorship revenue is high. To help its proposition stand out, Sydney Rugby Union (SRU) wanted to take an innovative approach that would use data to demonstrate the value of sponsoring its premiere competition, the Shute Shield, to existing and potential sponsors alike. datapowa was on hand to work the numbers.

A clear methodology

We make the process of measuring sponsorship simple. Across four easy steps, we understand your needs, crunch the numbers, and deliver strategy-shaping insight that helps boost performance.

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